What we do? Digital transformation.

Using proprietary powerful engine and experienced staff we can produce application up to 10 times faster than others and transform your business.

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About Atlantis software

Quality, speed of development and performance at same time.

Utilizing proprietary engine, development time is much shorter. Web based applications we produce provide you with Desktop like experience. Our experienced staff can review your business process and transform it to application. Numerous succesful cases are guarantee of success.



We are full software solution provider. Utilizing proprietary webengine technology we can develop different range of software applications in web or mobile technology providing you with desktop like experience. We can also integrate different kind of specialized devices in our software.

Our Process

Our Process

In order to develop information system according to our client needs we pass through three phases.


Business Analysis

In this phase our business analysts pass through business processes in your company.


Demo Application

After business analysis we develop demo application.



After client is satisfied with the demo, we develop production application, faster than competitors using proprietary webengine framework.

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In case you are interested in some of our products or you need to develop information system contact us and schedule a demo.

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